2017 Reconfiguration Questions

KCS is seeking input from families about the possibility of starting a magnet 
program at G.W. Carver Elementary School. The district held an open meeting 
with parents on February 22nd to answer questions and hear suggestions from 
families. The following is a brief overview of the changes that are scheduled for 
KCS in 2017 as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding magnet programs. 

Beginning in August of 2017, Kannapolis City Schools will move to a new grade configuration. Currently, KCS has five elementary schools (grades K - 4), one intermediate school (grades 5 & 6), one middle school (grades 7& 8), and one high school (grades 9-12). In 2017, KCS will shift to a more traditional grade configuration that includes six elementary schools with grades kindergarten through five, a middle school with grades six through eight, and a high school with grades nine through twelve. 

The new grade pattern will be possible because KCS is constructing a new building next to Kannapolis Middle School. When that building opens in 2017, Kannapolis Middle School will expand to include three grade levels instead of two. In addition, Kannapolis Intermediate School will convert from a fifth and sixth grade building into a K-5 elementary school. It will become the district’s sixth elementary school, and its name will change to G.W. Carver Elementary.
Below are answers to the questions that were asked during the parent meeting on February 22nd. The district will schedule additional meetings with parents to get further input and answer other questions. 

Magnet / Immersion School Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Magnet School?
Magnet schools are public schools with specialized courses or programs that are designed to draw students from across a school district. Students from other areas of the district can apply to attend the magnet school in order to take advantage of the specialized program(s) offered at the school.  

2. What is an Immersion School?
Immersion schools focus on a particular program of study such as the Arts or STEM and work to infuse that program into all subjects taught within the school. 

3. How would a magnet or immersion program be implemented in KCS? 
If KCS decided to implement a magnet or immersion program in 2017, it would be located at G.W. Carver Elementary School. How the program would be implemented would depend upon the program. For example, if the program were a language immersion program (such as Spanish), it would be phased in over a period of six years. The first year, only kindergarten students would be included in the language immersion program. (Older students would not have the background instruction necessary to be successful in a language immersion program). The second year, first graders would be added to the program. The third year, second graders would be added. This pattern would continue until all K-5 grades were included in the language immersion program. 
If a different type of magnet program were chosen for G.W. Carver, it might be possible to implement it immediately throughout all grade levels at G.W. Carver. In other cases, the magnet program might begin in second or third grade. It would simply depend upon the type of program that was chosen for G.W. Carver Elementary. 
One other note: If a magnet or immersion program is implemented successfully at G.W. Carver, it could be possible to add different programs to other schools in future years. 

4. If a program is chosen for G.W. Carver Elementary that is phased in over 
multiple years, what happens to the students in grade levels that are not part 
of the magnet or immersion program? 
If a magnet or immersion program were chosen for G.W. Carver that only impacted certain grade levels, it would still be possible for students in other grade levels to receive benefits from the magnet program. 

5. For a language immersion school, would all teachers need to be bi-lingual? 
No. In a language immersion program, all subjects are taught on an A-day/B-day schedule. In that format, students receive all their instruction in English on one day and all their instruction in the alternate language on the next day. 

6. Could Spanish be offered at the elementary level even without a language 
immersion program at G.W. Carver? 
Kannapolis City Schools would like to offer Spanish in earlier grade levels. However, it is a matter of funding. If funding becomes available, KCS would be open to offering Spanish at the elementary school level.   

7. In an Arts magnet, what disciplines would be offered?
G.W. Carver Elementary has the facilities to offer dance, choral music, instrumental music, theatre, and visual arts (drawing, painting, clay, etc). However, a final decision on exactly what will be offered at G.W. Carver Elementary has not yet been made. 

8. Would the magnet or immersion program continue beyond elementary 
The plan would be to offer courses at Kannapolis Middle School and A.L. Brown High School that would expand upon the courses offered at G.W. Carver Elementary. Students would be able to continue their program(s) of study when they moved to KMS and A.L. Brown. 

9. Would all G.W. Carver students be included in the magnet or immersion 
program, or would there be a school-within-a-school concept? 
It would depend upon the type of magnet or immersion program and how it was chosen to be implemented at the school. 

10. With funding being an issue, would the magnet or immersion program be 
sustainable in future years?  
Most of our funding comes from the NC Legislature. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that funding would be available in future years. However, we would only begin a magnet or immersion program if we had a reasonable assurance that it could be maintained in future years.  

11. With an additional elementary school opening in 2017, will KCS add an 
elementary AIG teacher? 
Yes. The plan would be to have an additional AIG teacher working at the elementary level in Kannapolis City Schools in 2017.

12. With so much attention being focused on the magnet or immersion program at G.W. Carver Elementary, can middle school families be assured that their 
children will not be neglected? 
The new building that will open at Kannapolis Middle School in 2017 will include tremendous resources for students and staff. It will allow KCS to offer additional courses to students in grades six through eight. In addition, KCS will receive additional money that comes with opening a new school, which will allow the district to expand programs for middle school students. 

13. Would all KCS elementary schools continue to be schools of choice?
At this point, we do not know the answer to this question. KCS is creating a committee that will work through the issues surrounding district reconfiguration. The committee will include staff, parents, school board members, and representatives from the community. 
We value the school choice option and would like to continue it in KCS. However, we cannot give a final answer to this question until the committee examines all the variables surrounding reconfiguration. 
If a magnet or immersion program is created at G.W. Carver Elementary School, it would offer parents at least one choice option within the district.  

14. Do all the students remain with the magnet or immersion program throughout their years of elementary school?  
Yes (in most cases). In other districts, there are some instances of parents pulling their children out of a magnet program. However, in most cases, students remain in the magnet or immersion program for all six years of elementary school. 

15. How will school staffing be impacted by opening G.W. Carver Elementary and a new building at Kannapolis Middle School? 
We expect principals, custodians, and most office staff to remain at their current school locations. We also expect most teachers and teacher assistants to remain in place. 
However, because Kannapolis Intermediate School will become an elementary school, it will be necessary for most sixth grade teachers to move to Kannapolis Middle School and for most fifth grade teachers at KIS to move to other elementary schools. Some K-4 teachers also will need to move from other elementary schools to G.W. Carver to fully staff that school. In all cases, we are committed to making sure there are strong and experienced teachers in all grade levels throughout the district and that all schools are equitably staffed. 

16. What about the opinions of other parents in the district that were not able to 
attend the meeting on February 22nd?  
We plan to survey other parents in the district about their preferences for a magnet or immersion program. In addition, we will hold additional meetings to give other parents an opportunity to ask questions and share their opinions. 

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